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The Tiblalexi family has been cultivating the Roditis - Savatiano (P.D.O.) choice selection for fifty years in the ideal region of Mikrotheives, which in ancient times was the region known as Fthiotides Theives.

The hilly areas on which the vineyards were planted, and from which a visitor can view the charming coastline of the Pagasitico Gulf, are endowed with a unique ecological system. They are capable of sustaining many grape varieties suitable for wine making.

Thanks to the right choice of location and personnel, a trend setting vineyard was established, doing justice to the ambitions of its creators. Each specific wine is endowed with sufficient character to meet the most stringent demands of the Greek and foreign markets. The Tiblalexis domain ranges to include the selections of Asirtico, Merlot, Xinomavro, Agioritico, Sirah, Sauvignon blanc and Malagouzia.

The ideal climate of the area, helps the growth process to take place with minimal threat of diseases resulting in plant protection needing very few traditional methods (sulfur, copper).

The "Tiblalexis estate" anticipates to open the road for every wine connoisseur who wants to enter the enchanting world of wine.


Oino Chro
Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.)

A wine which exhibits vilet colour and medium intensity. The aroma is dominated by citrous as well as fruits of the forests. While its rich and light aromatic character are completed by its flowery, balsamic aroma with splashes of honey and alcohol.

A soft wine with respectfull tannins, satisfying body and a lasting after taste.

Red Dry Wine
Merlot - Xinomauro

Ktima Tiblalexi
Anghialos Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

On the sloping shores of the Pagasitico Gulf the private semi - mountains vineyards have been cultivated by Tiblalexis family for many years rendering the choice selection "Roditis - Savatiano" wine.

In order to preserve the unique charecter of wine, it is produced at low temperatures with special care and nurturing to create only the very best quality. The end result is a wine with spirit and a rich and clearly fruity taste.

White Dry Wine
Roditis - Savatiano


Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.)

In anient Fthiotides Theives the seashell (koxili) was one of the main ingredients in the production of pottery.

Today the seashell which is scattered on the "Tiblalexis estate", where the selections Asirtico and Malagouzia are cultivated, gives the name to the specific wine. Elegance, balance and a rich aroma all in one wine with a unique pearly character.

White Dry Wine
Asirtico - Malagouzia

Aroma Yis

Taken from the fruits of the earth and soaked in its aroma, it is vinified with care and passion at the Timplalexi estate located in MIkrothives, Greece.

It has a unique taste with an intense fragrance that accompanies white meats and seafood in perfect harmony. Ideally served in a temparature of 11oC.

White Table Wine


Aroma Yis 187ml
Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.)

Wishing to give the younger generations an opportunity to come to know and fall in love with the unique taste of its wines, the Tiblalexis estate is introducing to the market "Aroma Yis" in an innovative easy to use bottle.

Red Dry Wine - White Dry Wine


Silver Medal

Thessaloniki Wine Competition - DetropOenos 2009

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